Undefined by the parameters of conventional modern rock, Tragedy Machine is the cultivation of ideas inspired by two members, brothers in fact, of the heavy/melodic rock band Digital Summer. Captivating vocals and tranquilizing instrumentation steer Tragedy Machine in an unforeseeable direction bound only to the laws of sound itself. Consisting of componants from both mainstream rock and instrumental electronics, Tragedy Machine aims to create a nearly visual listening experiance, yet maintain the core of lyrically based song writing.

After a successful release of a 4 song EP on iTunes in 2010, Tragedy Machine recorded their debut album "Pacify" with Producer Mike Watts at Vudu Studios in New York. The album released through all major digital retailers June 7th 2011.

Sync licensing is a big part of what Tragedy Machine strives to create... an audio/visual experiance. Currently "Shadows" has been licensed as the end credit song for the upcoming horror film The Sacred. Other sync opportunities are currently in process. Independent film makers may contact TragedyMachines@Yahoo.com to inquire about using music in films.

Tragedy Machine is the audio conception of Kyle Winterstein / Ian Winterstein

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